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Autonomous and Robotic Systems Concentration

The Autonomous and Robotic Systems Concentration in Mechanical Engineering is designed to enhance your skills in robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomy, control systems, machine learning, human-machine interaction, and other exciting fields of study in order to develop the next generation of intelligent robots.

Industry 4.0 will require the integration of autonomous and robotic systems with the human workforce as the future debate and implementation of divisions of labor will engender. A concentration in autonomous and robotic systems will prepare you to meet the challenge of building high performance machines that are safe no matter the environment, can interact with humans and efficiently use data, local embedded control platforms and cloud computing. You will be immersed in the design and application of advanced controls systems in applications such as roboboats, drones, and robotics for manufacturing to name just a few.

A wide range of topics will be covered, such as engineering design and mechatronics, kinematics of machines, control systems, robotic technologies, applied machine learning, internet of things and robot dynamics.

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