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What does a mechanical engineer do?

Mechanical engineering is the broadest of all engineering disciplines, and our graduates have the versatility required to pursue careers in aerospace, acoustics, energy, data, and more. Mechanical engineering requires creativity and a wide range of math and science knowledge, which you will apply to find solutions with the opportunity to work with almost all technologies.

Simply put, mechanical engineers work with the design and development of machines, from researching to testing to operations. Those machines, most often, are for manufacturing, materials, generating energy and distributing it, and environmental solutions, including tooling and tools for the oil service industry, under water remotely operated vehicles, machines for medical diagnostics, car engines, jet engines, turbine generators, plant piping/process systems, and air conditioning systems.

A degree in mechanical engineering provides opportunities across the globe, because innovation and useful design are needed everywhere. Famous mechanical engineers include Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, James Watt, Karl Benz, Eli Whitney, and Bill Nye.

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