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Raju Gottumukkala, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Director of Research, Informatics Research Institute (
Site Director, NSF Center for Visual and Decision Informatics

Ph.D. Computational Analysis and Modeling, Louisiana Tech University, 2008
M.S.  Computer Science, Louisiana Tech University,  2003
B.E.  Computer Science and Engineering, University of Madras, 1999

Contact Information:

​Rougeou Hall, Room 223
P.O. Box 43678, Lafayette, LA 70504
Phone:(337) 482-0632


Courses Taught:

ENGR 630 - An Introduction to Cyber-physical systems
ENGR 310 - Engineering Analysis

Research Interest:

His research interest is in the broader area of cyber physical systems – specifically addressing real-world informatics and integrated systems modeling issues. He has led various efforts in the area of big data platforms, system resilience, modeling & verification of distributed systems, software defined networks, visual analytics, and evolutionary networks. His research has generated over $7M in funding from various state and federal agencies including NSF, DHS S&T, DOE, state agencies, and the private sector. He has 15 peer-reviewed conference/journal publications, 2 U.S. Patents, and authored several technical reports. He is also part of the US Ignite community leadership group and representative from the city of Lafayette. He has also served on various conference programs, and review committees. Most recently, he served as the industry sponsorship chair for the 1st and 2nd IEEE International Conference on Big Data, and is invited to serve as the workshop chair for the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining.

Honors and Awards:

  • 2017 “Ralph E. POWE Junior Faculty Enhancement Award”, One of the 36 recipients of national award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • 2017 "Innovative Project of the Year", State of Louisiana’s Clean Fuel Coalition, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Award presented by LA DEQ Secretary Dr. Chuck Brown
  • 2016 Awarded “Outstanding Achievement in Research & Sponsored Activities” for generating external sponsored projects in the amount of $500,000 or more, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • 2017 US Ignite Application that is most likely to have a Big Impact NextGen BEOC: 2016 US Ignite Application Summit, Austin, TX. (with Dr. Michael Dunaway)
  • The project titled “Forecasting Influenza Occurrence to Improve ED Operations” was mentioned as one of the 50 Industry-Nominated Technology Breakthroughs of NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers”

Selected Publications:

Venna, S. R., Tavanaei, A., Gottumukkala, R. N., Raghavan, V. V., Maida, A., & Nichols, S. A novel data-driven model for real-time influenza forecasting. IEEE Access Vo. 7, pp. 7691-7701, 2019 [IMPACT FACTOR: 3.4]
Cao, G., Iosifidis, A., Gabbouj, M., Raghavan, V., & Gottumukkala, R. (2018). Deep Multi-view Learning to Rank. arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.10402.(under review)

Gottumukkala, N. R., R. Nassar, C.B. Leangsuksun, M. Paun. “Reliability of a system of k nodes for high performance computing applications”. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Volume 59, Issue 1, March 2010, pp. 162 – 169

S. Katz, G. Allen, R. Cortez, C. Cruz-Neira, R. Gottumukkala, Z. D. Greenwood, L. Guice, S. Jha, R. Kolluru, T. Kosar, L. Leger, H. Liu, C. McMahon, J. Nabrzyski, B. Rodriguez-Milla, E. Seidel, G. Speyrer, M. Stubblefield, B. Voss, and S. Whittenburg, "Louisiana: A Model for Advancing Regional e-Research through Cyberinfrastructure," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, v. 367, pp. 2459-2469, 2009

Engelmann, C. S. L. Scott, D. E. Bernholdt, N. R. Gottumukkala, C. B. Leangsuksun, J. Varma, C. Wang, F. Mueller, A. G. Shet, P. Sadayappan. “MOLAR: Adaptive Runtime Support for High-End Computing Operating and Runtime Systems, ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review” Volume 40, Issue 2, pp. 63-72, 2006

Gottumukkala, R.N., Siva, R., & Venna, V.R. (2015). Visual analytics of time evolving large-scale graphs. The IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin 16(1), 10-16

Raju Gottumukkala, Rizwan Merchant, Andrew Roche, Kaleb Leon, Adam Tauzin, Paul Darby, Cyber-physical System Security of Vehicle Charging Stations, Accepted at the IEEE Greentech Conference, April 3rd to 6th 2019.

Jessica Wojkiewicz, Satya Katragadda, Raju Gottumukkala, A Concept-Drift Based Predictive-Analytics Framework: Application for Real-Time Solar Irradiance Forecasting, Poster Paper, 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data

Satya, Katragadda, Raju Gottumukkala, Murali Pusala, Vijay Raghavan, Jessica Wojkiewicz, Distributed Real Time Link Prediction on Graph Streams, 3rd IEEE Workshop on Real-time and Stream Analytics in Big Data & Stream Data Management, IEEE Big Data 2018.

Ahmad, S, SM Zobaed, R. Gottumukkala, and M. Amini. “Edge Computing for User-Centric Secure Search on Big Data in Cloud” Submitted to the 19th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid (Under review)

Amirhossein Tavanaei, Raju Gottumukkala, Vijay Raghavan, Anthony Maida, Unsupervised Rank Aggregation using Parameterized Function Optimization, 2018 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks

Shailendra Gaikwad, Sana Tafleen, Raju Gottumukkala, Khalid Elgazzar, Fault Tolerance of Real-time Video Streaming Protocols over SDN Networks”, 14th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC)

Matin Hosseini, Mohsen Amini Salehi, Raju Gottumukkala, “Enabling Interactive Video Stream Prioritization for Public Safety Monitoring through Effective Batch Scheduling”, Accepted in the 19th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC ’17), Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 2017

Pusala, M. K., Benton, R. G., Raghavan, V. V., & Gottumukkala, R. N. (2017, November). Supervised approach to rank predicted links using interestingness measures. In Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2017 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 1085-1092). IEEE.

Raju Gottumukkala, John Zachary, Baker Kearfott ,Ramesh Kolluru, “Real-Time Information Driven Decision Support System for Evacuation Planning”, 2012 IEEE International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support, March 6-8 2012, New Orleans, LA, USA

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Song, H., Leangsuksun, C, Nassar, R., N. Raju, Gottumukkala, Scott, S., Availability modeling and analysis on high performance cluster computing. In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Systems, Availability, Reliability and Security, 2006

Gottumukkala, N. R., T. Sun: “Modeling and Assessment of Production Printing Workflows Using Petri Nets”, International Conference on Business Process Management, pp. 319-333, 2005

Hertong Song, Chokchai B. Leangsuksun, N. R Gottumukkala, Raja Nassar, Stephen L. Scott, and Andy Yoo, "Near-Real-time Availability Monitoring and Modeling for HPC/HEC runtime systems'', Los Alamos Computer Science Institute (LACSI) Symposium, 2005

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N. Raju Gottumukkala, Fuel Demand Estimation for Hurricane Evacuation in Louisiana: Evacuee Behavior for Gustav, Ike, Katrina & Rita, the 2012 National Evacuation Conference, February 7-9, New Orleans, LA

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N. Raju Gottumukkala, “Improving Disaster Response: NIMSAT”, The 2009 Gulf Coast Marine Conference, Sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Weather Service, and National Ocean Service,, LITE Center, Lafayette, LA.

N. Raju Gottumukkala, Rusti Liner, “GIS Projects at NIMSAT Institute” The 25th Annual Remote Sensing and GIS Workshop, April 14-16 2009, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Sun, T., J. Walker, S. Revankar, N. R. Gottumukkala. “Workflow Auto Generation from User Constraints and Hierarchical Dependence Graphs for Workflows”, Awarded US Patent No 7580911

Sun, T., N.R. Gottumukkala, M.S. David, “Validation and Analysis of JDF Workflows using Colored Petri Nets”, Patent Application, Xerox Corp No 20060242002