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Jonathan R. Raush, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2016
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2006
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2004

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 43678
Rougeou Hall, 262
Phone: (337) 482-1807


Courses Taught:

MCHE 365 - Manufacturing Processes
MCHE 478 - Finite Element Analysis
ENGR 219 - Mechanics of Materials
MCHE 101 - Intro to Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:

  • Research areas of interest include integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) with applications in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, and energy systems
  • Development of integrated multi-scale approaches to design of high performance metal alloys
  • Development of advanced materials characterization techniques
  • Integration of simulation methods including calculation of phase diagram (CALPHAD) analysis
  • Classical molecular dynamics
  • Phase field models
  • Continuum mechanics; the study of failure analysis and prevention; optimization of solar energy and fuel cell systems

Honors and Awards:

  • Pi Tau Sigma

Selected Publications:

Raush, J., Ritter, K., Prilliman, M., Hebert, M., Pan, Z., Chambers, T., “Numerical Model and Performance Validation of a Small-Scale Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant in Louisiana”, Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, Vol. 6, No. 9 , 2018.

Yao, H., Katona, R., Zhou, J., Islam, M., Raush, J., Lu, F., Guo, S., “Defects Evaluation of Selective Laser Melting Stainless Steel 316 Parts Using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Measurement”, Proceedings of the ASME 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition IMECE2018”, IMECE2018-86729, November, 2018.

Alam T. Raush, J., Zeng, C., Guo, S., “Validation of Methods for Mechanical and Microstructural Property Measurement of Sub-standard Sized SLM Test Specimens, “Materials Science & Technology Conference and Exhibition 2018 (MS&T'18), October, 2018

Zeng, C., Raush, J., Guo, S., “Making Aluminum 7075 Parts Using Fused Deposition Modeling Based Additive Manufacturing”, Proceedings of Louisiana EPSCoR RII CIMM 2017 Symposium, July, 2018.

Raush, J., Novak, K., Moldovan, D., Meng, W.J., Guo, S., SanSoucie, M., “Thermophysical and thermochemical measurements and simulation of Ti-based liquid metal alloys by electrostatic levitation”; Proceedings of Louisiana EPSCoR RII CIMM 2017 Symposium, July, 2017.

Novak, B., Raush, J., Zhang, X., Moldovan, D., Meng, W., Guo, S., “Properties of liquid Ti-Al alloys from classical MD simulation and comparison to electrostatic levitation (ESL) experiments”; Proceedings of Louisiana EPSCoR RII CIMM 2017 Symposium, July, 2017.

Ritter, K., Prilliman, M., Chambers, T., Raush, J., “Maintenance of a Small-Scale Parabolic Trough Concentrating Solar Power Plant in Louisiana”, International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy, Vol. 6, No. 6, 2017, pp. 104-11. Available at:

Raush, J., Chambers, T., Russo, B., Crump, K., 2016, “Assessment of local solar resource measurement and predictions in south Louisiana,” Energy, Sustainability, and Society, Vol. 6, No. 1. Published July, 2016. Available at: