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William J Emblom


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Tech, 2006
M.S. Engineering Mechanics, Cleveland State University, 1996
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Parks College of St. Louis University, 1984

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 43678
Rougeou Hall, Room 109-C
Phone: (337) 482-5359


Courses Taught:

MCHE 467 - Machine Design 1
MCHE 468 - Machine Design 2
ENGR 219 - Mechanics of Materials
ENGR 211 - Statics

Research Interests:

Metal forming (Sheet and Bulk Forming) is used in many products and while using metals in order to make tools and many products, we are discovering new processes, new applications, and new products for which a metallic material is the best choice. In the Louisiana Advanced Materials Processing Lab we are working on:

  1. Improved methods for manufacturing light weight automotive vehicles using control techniques for stamp formed components
  2. Improved methods for making PEM fuel cells and Solid Oxide fuel cell
  3. Improved methods for manufacturing one of a kind sheet metal parts for automotive and biomedical applications using single point incremental forming which does not require expensive dies - just a CNC mill
  4. Manufacturing high strength - high ductility tubing using severe plastic strain processes such as friction stir processes and equal angle extrusion.

Selected Publications:

Emblom, W.J., 2017, “Indirect Strain Control in Aluminum Stamp Formed Pans”. ASME JMSE, doi:10.1115/1.4036489.

Olayinka, A., Emblom, W.J., Pesacreta, T.C., Wagner, S.W., 2017, “Evaluation of the effect of hydraulic bulge process on the surface topography of annealed SS304 stainless steel sheet,”  SME Procedia Manufacturing (Elsevier).

Emblom, W.J., Domec, B.S., 2014 “The Bauschinger effect for cold finished mild steel after friction stir processing”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems (IJAMS), 15.

Emblom, W.J., 2018, “The effect of local force control on punch forces during panel forming”, ASME IMECE2018-86030.

Emblom, W.J., Menard, A., Gallardo, C., Loehn, C., Olayinka, A., Wagner, S.W., Wahab, M.S., Seguin, D., 2018, “Friction Stir Back Extrusion: Improving through-wall characteristics for AL-1100-O”, ASME IMECE2018-86318.

Emblom, W.J., Babineaux, R., Nix, N., Parr, K., Saltzman, T., Olayinka, A, Wagner, S.W., Wahab, M.A., 2018, “Friction Stir Back Extrusion: Tooling and Process Design for AL-1100-O”, ASME Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference. MSEC2018-6515